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basic information

name.......: Michał Łyszczek
address....: Wrocław, Poland
phone......: +48.727-564-419

Quick Overview

Open Source (own projects)

List of open source projects I've made including key technologies. Links take you to project site with details and source code.

List of open source projects I contribute to:



Very proficient

I am really good at this stuff, I can work independently and also help and teach others.

I'm good at

I've done some projects in these technologies, I can work independently without help.

I know a little bit

I've dome some projects with it, but not long enough to consider myself good at it, I can perform simple tasks myself, but will need help and guidance with more difficult tasks.

Long Overview

Detailed list of projects with description and extended list of technologies.

Open Source (own projects)


ntpd-setwait is very small program that ensures time is synchronized before ntpd daemon can be started.

Project site:


Library which allows for very easy mocking of POSIX, libc and any other dynamically loaded functions. Library uses special handle RTLD_NEXT for dlsym().

Project site:


Ring buffer implementation which is thread-safe and in the same time small and quick with very little memory footprint with posix-like interface known from read/send functions family. Library was created with embedded devices with limited resources in mind, but it can work with every operating system that implements c89 and pthread (optional dependency).

Project site:


Logger created with embedded devices with limited resources in mind, which will, of course, work with every operating system that implements c89. Implemented functions among others are, adding timestamps to messages (with different formats), place where log was printed from (file and line number), log level info, colors (depending on message level). Logger can also store logs to file with optional log rotatio - which can be customized for max file size and number of files before oldest logs shall be deleted. Almost all of these functions can be disabled in compile time to save precious memory.

Project site:


Very portable and small packet which allows publish-subscribe communication implemented on top of POSIX mqueue. Packet consists of, server/broker which handles communication between clients, library for clients for easy implementation, publish commans which allows to publish messages directly from command line and program to listen and log to file communication on psmq bus.

Project site: httpss://


Simple static site generated from markdown and html files. Website is generated based on file structure and only one control file is needed to generate functionl webpage.

Project site:


Server to allow very easy file sharing without leaving our beloved terminal. To upload files only netcat is needed, and to retrieve files one can manage only with curl. Both binary and text files can be exchanged. It's something like no-paste but from terminal.

Project site:


Very easy and very simple but sufficient framework for testing in c/c++ or shell using TAP (test anything protocol).

Project site:


Project based on buildroot that generates complete environment for testing c/c++ software on different architectures (arm, mips, x86), many C libraries (gnu, musl, uclibc) and many operating systems (linux, freebsd, netbsd, openbsd, solaris).


Benchmark for memory throughput.

nuttx (posix rtos)

port for stm32butterfly2 board, added support for: spi, rs232, ethernet, sd card, adc, console over uart, joystick, usb host


mqtt client with posix-like api, for embedded devices (constrained devices)


set-top boxes

solar panels and inverter controller

smart shopping label

solar panel controller

engine power

aestethic device

video mixer


embedded c software engineer [10.2015 - 06.2016]


embedded c/c++ software engineer [03.2014 - 10.2015] (full time)

Projects (working under Linux)

embedded c++ software engineer [10.2012 - 03.2014] (full time)

graphical user interface for solar panel cluster controller (group project)

junior C++ software engineer [09.2011 - 10.2012] (full time)

Maintanence and development of raporting module in BST (wcdma)

foreign languages



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