Bits of Code - funny (according to author) verbal game which means bits of code from which software is created, but bit is also fundemental piece of information in IT.


Bits of Code


I specialize in creating computer software mainly for embedded systems. Embedded system is a (usually) small piece of hardware with limited resources and specialized in one thing. For example it can be digital multimeter, abs driver, tv remote or battery charger. I use only free (as in free beer) and open source tools, so you can be free from any vendor lock-in situateion, where it would be very difficult - or even - impossible to make changes to the developement environment or code without substential cost. That's why I use software and tools like: linux, nuttx, gcc, git. I follow unix and kiss philosophy, to keep my software as simple and easy to understand as possible.



Detailed presentation of projects I made can be seen in projects Short version can be found in my curriculum vitae

open source

For the sake of my own growth I also write software in my private time. And knowing that I am a huge fan of open source, I release all my projects with free (as in free beer) license, so others can benefit from my wasted time. You can read about my projects in open source projects.

return value

I return software of high quality, free of uncomfortable dependencies, easy to maintain and tested on many levels (unit, module, system).

conforming to

unix philosophy, kiss principle, posix standard, ansi c

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